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Breacher found a home with the help of Patriot Dog Training

Patriot Dog Training is continuing to grow in the Bulverde area. Since expanding to the 681 Bulverde Rd location, so many owners get help with their pups. It is such a joy to watch these families build great bonds with their canine family members through training, boarding, and doggy daycare.  
One special family has been a particular recent highlight. At the beginning of 2019, Patriot Dog Training was selected as a trainer for a spectacular pup. The breeder, Taos Ford, has an incredible breed of Belgian Malinois. We knew right away that this dog was special. 
Breacher initially completed an 8 week program of foundation obedience and manners. He hit every challenge with enthusiasm and drive. Not only did he make an excellent obedience candidate, but he also showed great potential as a service Battle Buddy. He then continued training in the home of owner, Benito Olson.
Battle Buddies make a huge impact on medically retired veterans who miss the teamwork of being enlisted, but can no longer serve due to various situations. They can be used merely for comfort and support. In some cases, they can be an important  connection to the outside world and be a major component in the recovery efforts of wounded veterans. 

Breacher was paired through an extensive interview process and last month we surprised his new owners. It was an incredible event! For Artre Rusk, Breacher has been a worthwhile gift after a long search for the perfect battle buddy. Artre was medically retired from the United States Coast Guard MSRT. The entire team flew down to San Antonio to be part of the surprise. Who knows where these two will go, but we anticipate them taking on the new challenges together. 
It is a great gift to serve, train, and guide owners through working with some amazing pups.