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Canyon Lake Water Service Company Announces Results of its Customer Survey

Canyon Lake, TX – SJWTX, Inc., doing business as Canyon Lake Water Service Company (CLWSC), today announced the results of its inaugural customer survey. The survey found that overall 81% of customers indicated they are either satisfied or very satisfied with CLWSC service.
Customers also gave CLWSC particularly high marks for the services it provides:

  • 90% of survey respondents say CLWSC provides excellent or good professional and friendly customer service
  • 89% of survey respondents they feel the reliability of CLWSC service is excellent or good
  • 88% say that CLWSC does an excellent or good job of providing safe, high-quality water service.
Other high notes in the survey included customer satisfaction with the quality of the water they are receiving, giving marks in the high 80th percentile to the taste, clarity, appearance, smell and safety of the water CLWSC delivers.
Customers indicated they would like to see more communication from CLWSC by email. While they are generally satisfied with the ease and clarity with which they can read their bills, water rates got somewhat lower satisfaction levels with 69% of customers indicating they are very satisfied or satisfied with their rates.
In the coming year, CLWSC will be implementing a new billing system and will be introducing some new ways to better communicate with customers to meet the communities needs for more information and education about its water system. 
“As a company, our goal is to serve our customers at world-class levels.  This survey confirms that we are on the right track, even as we have worked to keep up with the demands of the growing Canyon Lake and Deer Creek Ranch communities we serve,” said Thomas Hodge, President. “I want to thank the community for supporting us as we grow and I want to thank those customers who participated in this year’s survey for taking the time to share their thoughts.”
For more information, contact Larry Jackson, Customer Service Manager, at 830-312-4600 or