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Hiring in 2022 by Powers Professional Partners LLC

Hiring for 2022


2021 has been an uphill battle to find qualified and ambitious talent. It seems the age-old, time-tested methods have failed to attract and fill hundred of thousands of open positions that range from unskilled labor to the C-suite. Yet many employers have not changed their hiring strategies. Many have raised wages in hopes to attract better and more reliable talent, but they have been sadly disappointed with the inevitable turnover that results when someone else can pay more. The question employers often ask me is, “…how can I fill my roles quickly and efficiently?” The first place to start is to understand this dynamic employment market and what drivers you can leverage to yield the expected results.


You must begin by setting expectations that are realistic and attainable. These expectations must align with your immediate need and span 3-6-9-12 month intervals. Long are the days when people will show up just because they are getting paid to do so, they want to know what they are part of and what they are working towards no matter the role. Understanding this concept early in the hiring process can be critical to your and the employee’s success. Structure your interview questions in a way that uncovers an employee’s expectations for the role. Aligning what drives them and motivates them to get up each day will weigh on your decision.

The resume has changed a lot over the years and yet still is lacking in many ways. It is not a “catch all/end all”. The resume review should uncover themes and/or inconsistencies. The resume should tell a story. The gaps and changes are all part of the individual’s career path that may shed light on their motivations, drivers, and reasons for staying or leaving a role. Being able to ask the right questions, at the right time in the interview can make or break who makes the final cut.


Core competencies and transferrable skills reveal themselves as themes in the resume and are a great place to start connecting expectations. What do you need them to do and what do they enjoy doing? Understanding your unique culture and the types of individuals that will ensure it continues to thrive is another important component. Being able to articulate the attributes that ensures an individual’s success should be evaluated by a variety of individuals within the organization that hold the highest cultural standards. Don’t just rely on your gut. Many people present well and are likeable enough, but what happens when you get past the honeymoon?


There is no secret sauce, magic potion, or one and done to hiring, not in 2022, not ever. What we must remember to do is to explore expectations, drivers, and motivators with each person we interview. Not everyone wants more money or wants to work remotely.


You will make better hiring decisions in 2022 by first understanding what you need and want first and approaching each applicant with excitement to learn what they need and want.