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Hello and Merry Christmas friends!
We are amazed and touched by what we see happen through this ministry.  We have spent a year doing our best to love everyone that has crossed our path. God wants people to know that He sees them and cares for them. We remind them that they are loved, that He provides and that He created all of us to find strength in community. When people are hungry, thirsty, homeless, poorly clothed, sick or in prison - we get to be there for each other. 
On any given day, this ministry can be mentally and emotionally challenging, yet at the same time it's rewarding and invigorating! We end each day honestly saying "wow, what a day! God really showed up!" He gives us love in our hearts when our flesh would turn people away. He also gives us wisdom to set boundaries when it's time. He is faithfully leading and guiding us day by day and it's so much fun! 
We have great news!
$35,000 Financial Challenge Grant!
We have been submitting for grants to help towards the costs of building a larger pantry. The Mabee Foundation has responded with a generous challenge!! If we raise $103,000.00 between Oct. 2021- Oct. 2022 for the building expansion project, they will gift us $35,000!! Yay God! My previous email mentioned the 2400 square foot pantry expansion project and we are approaching construction soon! If you feel led to donate any amount to this project, please indicate this on your check/donation. Here is our website link if you want to donate, but NO PRESSURE!!
Ministry Report - how are we doing?
We believe that where we fail to love, we will fail to have influence so when they show up with good news of a job or call for prayer, we know they trust us. 
  • We have a growing number of people joining the ministry team- they are so sharp!
  • We have clients serving because they want to give back!
  • We have clients attending life equipping classes, church, Night of Hope and bible studies. Yay!
  • God is bringing us Christian counselors that deal in trauma, healing of the soul, mental issues, marriage counsel, etc. We look forward to inviting clients into their services more in 2022! 
  • We have a growing number of leaders willing to teach classes on things like: 1. how to interview for a job 2. financial counsel 3. life skills 4. creating recipes with the foods that we give them 5. nutrition and more...let us know if you want on this list.
  • YOU have helped us give out over 40,000 lbs. of food to those in need. YOU provided the means to help families financially with utilities, rent, etc. that added up to over $22,000. You helped us do housing project and so much more. 2022 will be an incredible year to touch more lives.  
Night of Hope event schedule will return in January!
We look forward to enjoying time with those that can make at our next event, January 26th, 2022!!
What's on the horizon?
We are in our last stretch this week to provide regular monthly food allocation, Christmas meals, a gift card, plus a blanket, a devotional/bible and heaters to those who need them. 
IF you want to help stock the pantry, this is a great time to be "in the know". We have a text system in place if you want to hear our food needs. We rotate the texts so that you are notified 2/month and it allows you to help when you can. No pressure - EVER! Text 210-972-7022 and enter the word "shop" if you want on the list. 
That's it for now! Thank you again for being such a strong support to this ministry and team! We KNOW that we couldn't do this without you. Help us to continue "loving God and loving His people" through The Hope Center!
God bless you. We thank you in advance for partnering with us to bring strength to this community through hope, love, provision and food! 
Teresa Moore
Outreach Manager
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Hope Center Outreach Ministry
6260 US Hwy 281 N
Spring Branch, TX 78070

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