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Sheriff’s Office makes changes to combat COVID-19

NEW BRAUNFELS — In response to the CDC’s recommendation and out of caution to
prevent further spread of the COVID-19 Virus the following steps will be taken by the
Comal County Sheriff’s Office until further notice. These are being set in place to limit the
exposure to our staff from becoming infected as well as inadvertently spreading the virus
to the citizens of Comal County. We ask for your patience, understanding in hopes that we
will be able to resume normal operations when it becomes safe again to do so.

Sheriff’s Office Operations/Patrol:

    • Emergency/Life Threatening calls or “In Progress” calls for service will be handled
        in the same manner as always and will not change.
    • Non-Emergency/Routine calls for service will be handled over the telephone, if at all
        possible. If a deputy is required, our communications staff have been directed to
        ask if anyone in the household is exhibiting symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.
    • Deputies responding to a residence will make every attempt not to go inside unless
        it is absolutely necessary and will be asking people to step outside when responding
        to a call for service.
    • Deputies will try to maintain a “social distance” of approximately six feet with
        persons they are interacting with.
    • The presence of deputies in the county will not change.
    • Fingerprinting services for civilians has been suspended until further notice.
    • The Citizen Sheriff Academy has been postponed until further notice.
    • All civilian ride outs have been suspended until further notice.
    • All volunteer services have been suspended until further notice.
    • All 68A (Vehicle Inspections) have been suspended until further notice.
    • Visitors coming into the Secure Area of the Sheriff’s Office will be restricted on a
        needs basis.


    • Pursuant to a recommendation from Texas Commission on Jail Standards, all faceto-
        face visits for inmates have been cancelled until further notice with the exception
        of attorney visits.
    • Medical Staff will assess all incoming arrestees specifically for COVID-19. If the
        arrestee is showing symptoms of the virus, the arresting officer will be redirected to
        take the arrestee to a hospital. The arrestee will not be accepted in the Jail until
        he/she has been cleared by a doctor.
    • Access to the Jail will be limited to persons with a legitimate law enforcement

Comal County Public Information Office