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Why is it SO HARD to lose weight?

Why is it SO HARD to lose weight?

by Tina White

Having coached clients for 24 years, I have to say this is the most commonly asked question.  So most of us know, in order for weight loss to occur we must reduce our caloric intake below our resting metabolic rate.  So we resort to meal skipping, consuming lower caloric foods and eat like rabbits in hopes we see some results.  The most common pitfall to that is by dinner, we eat everything in sight because we are starving rabbits! J
Yes, we need to reduce our caloric intake below our resting metabolic rate AND we need to consume all the nutrients our body needs in that daily consumption so that our body feels its’ best.  This is next to impossible to achieve without supplementation.   This is why our nutritional smoothies seem to work like magic.   They are not only low in calories, (on average approximately 200 calories) but have all the nutrients you need from a complete meal. 
The immediate result you notice is how great you feel.  Imagine putting half water and half gas into your gasoline tank on your car.  Would you expect it to run like a fine-tuned machine? Of course not! Then why do we expect that from our bodies?  Things that make you go “hmmm”!
I also share with clients how smart the body is.  If you don’t drink enough water, your body senses that and will store water for you!  So nice of it to do that right?  Want to rid your body of “water retention” – drink water!  Your body is half water – not half soda or half coffee – half water!  So you must take in half your body weight in water just to maintain it’s proper hydration level.  Did you know dehydration is the number one cause of constipation? Oh yea, we talk poop here!
Ok, so here’s one more piece of information you want to know.  Weight is just a number! What makes up that weight is what we are interested in fine tuning.  So we run a free wellness evaluation that will tell us your lean body mass, your hydration level, your metabolic age and so much more!  Many places charge a pretty penny for such a test.  We run it for free because we believe educated people make smart choices.
So, losing weight isn’t an mystery that cannot be solved!  It’s actually our passion and our results speak for themselves.  We aren’t just a weight loss solution – our smoothies are a complete meal.  They are incredible for all ages and tastes amazing!  If you’ve not visited us before – what are you waiting for?? 

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