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Steel Horse Constructors, LLC

Steel Horse Constructors, LLC



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With over 30 years of experience in roofing, renovation & homebuilding, Steel Horse Constructors, LLC has been serving Hays County & the surrounding area since 2014.

We are a veteran, family & woman-owned and operated company. As a BBB A+ accredited business and members of our area Chambers of Commerce, honesty & integrity in everything we do is of utmost importance. From the time we meet you to materials selection & the final walk-through, Jim, Sidney, Jeremy & Heather will be with you every step of the way. Personal, friendly & professional service sets us apart from any other contractor & we value our relationships with our clients.

Whether you're considering a few small improvements or a large scale renovation, Steel Horse Constructors, LLC has you covered. Contact us today to start planning your next project!


bathroom remodel before
bathroom remodel after
bathroom remodel before
bathroom remodel after
kitchen remodel new cabinetry
bathroom remodel
ADA addition in the works
ADA addition after
ADA  addition job finished interior
ADA addition job finished interior
ADA addition finished interior
Gallery Image IMG_7618.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_7620.jpg
custom cubbies
Gallery Image IMG_7628.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_7653.jpg
new paint and flooring in den area
new flooring and paint in mud room
Gallery Image IMG_7617.jpg
added utility room
kitchen remodel custon painted cabinetry, new back splash, and countertop
half bath remodel new mirror, paint, sconces, and countertop
new painted house along with doors!
new roof!
bathroom remodel
Gallery Image 68618861_2589815407716801_1338461849821118464_n.jpg
Gallery Image 68727348_2589815284383480_2418144451110109184_n.jpg
Gallery Image 68829443_2589815341050141_4652808977371889664_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69169861_2589815224383486_6991672983647420416_n.jpg
Gallery Image 68474595_2589815111050164_987743397479448576_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69095559_2589815191050156_8844228262587531264_n.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8820.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8821.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8822.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8823.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8824.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8826.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8827.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8829.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_8659(28078).jpg
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Gallery Image FB_IMG_1566833283467(28084).jpg
Gallery Image FB_IMG_1566833289813(28083).jpg
Gallery Image FB_IMG_1566833293311(28082).jpg
Gallery Image 68894345_2601350816563260_4209138567932280832_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69011118_2601350846563257_2121925654831169536_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69095766_2601690466529295_4553817536046563328_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69044406_2605629792802029_3979810008933072896_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69160441_2605629949468680_8711605560887214080_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69284352_2605630026135339_3344302604589989888_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69310847_2605629829468692_8796353688068161536_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69774321_2605629849468690_8087133628334604288_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69834282_2605629889468686_726476761587515392_n.jpg
Gallery Image 70886261_2641182009246807_8077238131058802688_n.jpg
Gallery Image 70953737_2641181742580167_7154131989929394176_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71260216_2641181935913481_8174027302133301248_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69929023_2637239669641041_1741968387988258816_o.jpg
Gallery Image 70467547_2637239239641084_585274158338801664_n.jpg
Gallery Image 70632147_2637239482974393_3466685971112656896_o.jpg
Gallery Image 70633466_2637239596307715_4327195575242981376_o.jpg
Gallery Image 70663672_2637239356307739_7312300633120309248_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69558425_2618711288160546_3050794946287108096_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69676513_2618711341493874_8229016223690522624_n.jpg
Gallery Image 69886908_2618711368160538_5556880192812613632_n.jpg
Gallery Image 70688900_2641850602513281_4238829805698547712_o.jpg
Gallery Image 70673217_2641851132513228_4624091236892934144_o.jpg
Gallery Image 70558279_2641850715846603_7596754513248124928_o.jpg
Gallery Image 71399963_2641850875846587_1160011361741176832_o.jpg
Gallery Image 71216934_2645368095494865_4386964348724051968_o.jpg
Gallery Image 70413308_2656732464358428_7537627897507348480_o.jpg
Building a new shop in Spring Branch
New master bedroom barn doors on closet
Upgraded master bath from laminate to granite with undermount sink & new faucet

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