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Super Star Teacher for December - Laura Mendez

Super Star Teacher for December - Laura Mendez

Super Star Teacher for December - Laura Mendez

The Super Star Teacher program recognizes teachers serving Western Comal County area schools who show excellence in leadership, creativity, and imagination in and out of the classroom setting.
This month we recognized CISD Mountain Valley Elementary School's LAURA MENDEZ!
Nominated by Andrea Patrick:

"Mrs. Mendez is a master teacher who naturally leads her team and other MVES colleagues. She is currently the 2nd grade Team Leader and has created a team who doesn't shy away from high expectations. Mrs. Mendez is also a member of Dr. Chapman's Rockstar Teacher Advisory committee that was created by invitation only. She'll share her wisdom and experiences at a District level and make an impact well beyond the walls of MVES.

Mrs. Mendez takes personal financial literacy to a whole new level with the 2nd grade bookmark bonanza! Her kids get a hands on experience of creating bookmarks, pricing bookmarks, and selling bookmarks. Mrs. Mendez makes sure that her students are skilled at counting money and making change. As a culminating event, the students get to shop with the money they "earned" from selling the bookmarks with a store that Mrs. Mendez creates from parent donations. It's a solid foundation in learning about the importance of working, making an income, and choosing how to spend your 7!

Mrs. Mendez hasn't used her imagination to provide an inclusive environment, but rather her relationship building skills has provided a safe and loving environment for all of her students to feel welcomed. Mrs. Mendez has two students with emotional disturbances in her classroom, but the average person would never be able to pick these students out of her room. During her Morning Meeting discussions, Mrs. Mendez leads her classroom with a strong message...everyone is important in Mrs. Mendez's room! Mrs. Mendez is skilled at knowing when to call on her students so that they feel successful too. Mrs. Mendez also values working with these students' special education case manager so that they are on the same page and are both working as a team. Is a relationship important? Yes! And it's working in Mrs. Mendez's room.

Mrs. Mendez has taught for over 30 years, but you'd never know it. You'd know it in the sense that she's a Master Teacher, but you'd never know it in her attitude. Mrs. Mendez is just as eager to learn something new or try out a new strategy as a brand new teacher. Her willingness to be a learner sets her apart! In my opinion it's the main reason that she's excelled in her teaching career...she never stopped learning. Mrs. Mendez is definitely a ROCKSTAR teacher!!"

Thank you to our December sponsor, Cynthia McGee - McGee Team - Magnolia Realty!

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